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Hieronder vind je mijn zogenaamde Web Log. Een soort van Logboek. Je vindt hier mijn rijmen en dichten, denken en biechten, van vroeger en nu.
Het lange verslag van de zoektocht naar dat ene wat we allemaal zoeken. "To Blog is the foundation of all Knowladge.."

09 april, 2004

the black seed is killing me more and more
there 's justice to be done, order to restore
the black seed is eating me deep inside
and wakens the beast, fades what 's good and right
The black seed is screaming in my ears
rI put a finger in each one of them, pretend I don 't hear

I 've lost my soul to the seed long time ago
It 's time for me to face the final show...
In the end we appear to be al the same
But finally I'll be the one to blame...

I salute all of you who considered me friend
It was build on lies, and it was al pretend
Go on with your decadence, pity and greed
But watch out because everyone 's got a black seed...