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Hieronder vind je mijn zogenaamde Web Log. Een soort van Logboek. Je vindt hier mijn rijmen en dichten, denken en biechten, van vroeger en nu.
Het lange verslag van de zoektocht naar dat ene wat we allemaal zoeken. "To Blog is the foundation of all Knowladge.."

18 maart, 2005

Letter from a friend

I've searched a way
to cure myself
and find out why things just the way they are
but finally
there is no way
to go on pretending nothings wrong
theres only one
one step to go
to make an end to al this pain and misery
I've tried a lot
but can't go on
hoping that someday soon things will turn my path
there's no turn left
there's no turn right
the only way it's going is bringing me down

when hope has left
and fait has died
and every little wishing star fell down on eart
I took a pen
and searched for words
and hoped that maybe someday you will understand

I watched the roads
to everywhere
and shoos the one to the land of no return

I love you still
I always will

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